Hillside Campsite Nellys Lane (off Batterley Drove), Gotham, Cranborne, Dorset BH21 5QY

Down past Roughs Wood (where Witches used to say the Lords Prayer backwards) to the Heavy Horse & Farm Centre, then left and right into quaint Edmondsham village, with its beautiful working Victorian walled garden, Edmondsham House and beautifully peaceful Norman Church….. or…Turn right, and follow the Bridleways, past the old Watermill (which made the ropes for Nelson’s Navy) and the Pottery and to Castle Hill in Cranborne, where there are 2 super pubs, all hiding away in this ancient Cranborne Chase (The OLD FOREST for the King’s hunting grounds)


Up Pistle Hill, over Pistle Down (named after the readings of the Scriptures by the Old Monastery built in the 10th Century by the Earl of Lulworth) through the biggest collection of Celtic & Druid burial mounds (over 20 recorded) then past the OLD TELEGRAPH, that signalled the Queen the Spanish Armada was coming – t’was a flag & oil lamp signalling, with 20 officers living there. Unused since 1840 when we turned to the French semaphore system, as now used on the Railways. The footings and orchard still remain, then past the radio mast, the Old Leprosy Hospital, past the first Celtic Trading Camp in GB, into Alderholt, and finally Somerley, Ringwood and the New Forest. If you bare SOUTH at the Electric Pylons, you cross the Ringwood road at EBBLAKE, and into Moors Valley Country Park (40 minutes stroll from here) then the 23 miles of old Railtrack to POOLE.


Passing the Telegraph to the West, and the Badger sets, down by the cow bridge (old railway) to Cripplestyle (where the Anglo Saxon Kings are buried), into Crendell, along some intriguing country lanes to Rockborn (Great Pub) and superb Trout fishing.